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Photo  correction and enhancement 
We have the ability to scan old photos and do color correction and enhancing that you may want to add to the video. We add special effects and upon request add chroma key (Green Screen). We also have the capability to do VHS conversions.  We recommend photos be limited to major life experiences and family members. (high school graduation, place of birth,  parents, marriage, service photos, etc. particularly of promotions, and various campaigns)​.​ Please try to limit the number of photos to around 30 to keep the production manageable. 
Centurion Services Services
At Centurion Services, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to provide a price quote and take your order via phone during normal business hours or you can email us for further information on the cost for 60 minute production. We film generally in one day; our cost will vary based upon on travel arrangements and services requested. 
Musical background
You may choose a maximum of 3 song titles  that you feel are appropriate for the era or just your favorite song. You can also leave it to us to find the right music for you. Song selections will only be included if copyright permissions are granted. If there is a copyright fee it will be added to the total cost of the production. However, in many cases (not all) the copyright permissions are gratis from the publishers based upon the fact you have provided your service in defense of your country. 
Submission to the Library of Congress Option
The submission will require release forms to be submitted to the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress.  A complete package will be prepared  which includes  the Video Recording Log, Biographical Data Form, Interviewers Release Form and the Veterans Release form.  You have the option of preparing this package yourself  or we can prepare the package for  you at  fixed price of fifty dollars ($50.00).

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