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Roy Earle USMC Radio Communications      Iwo Jima Survivor Biography 2010
Marine Corps 241 st. Birthday Ball
Maine Nov. 5, 2016

USMC Evening Parade Marine Barracks 8th & I
with the 4th Marine Div. Assoc. 2011
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Maine Military Museum Guided Tour by
Lee Humiston, Curator
Biography Lt. Gen. Larry Snowden USMC Retired -  Last surviving General Iwo Jima 2012 
66th Annual Reunion 4th Marine Div. Assoc. 2013
Savannah, GA
National Code Talkers Day Veterans Memorial Park Window Rock,AZ 2007
Eulogy Sgt Raymond Jacobs USMC radio operator Mt. Suribauchi, Iwo Jima 2008
62 Annual Reunion 4th Marine DIv. Assoc. 2009
Reno, NV 2009
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Ray Jacobs
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Contract Payments
 Biography Contract Deposit
Final Muster 4th Marine Div. Assoc. Aug 7th 2015
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